Key Notes & Training

Engaging. Motivating. Impactful.

Louise is a passionate and engaging speaker that motivates her audiences to take action, build habits and make a difference.  She brings stories to life from her 20+ years working in fortunate 500 companies – where she has seen the good, the bad and the excellent.  Her creative approach often catches audience off-guard resulting in memorable learning moments that last.

Louise speaks often about leadership, engagement, change management and inclusion & diversity.

Sample Topics:

Leaving a legacy while building a talent pipeline

Ask More. Grow More. Creating a culture of feedback by understanding neuroscience

It’s not fair to not give feedback: The leaders role in being transparent with feedback to inspire growth

Coaching for insight: Stop telling, start inspiring: 

Building Brand YOU  You have a brand whether you know it or not.  Be intentional about your brand.

Culture clutter: Being intentional about the culture you want

Finding your passion: make work not feel like work 

Emotion intelligence: EQ in the workplace

Creating your personal brand:  You have a brand if you intended to or not


Trust barometer:  Measuring & building trust in the work place


Building a cohesive team:  Understanding & valuing differences and capitalizing on each members stengths. 

Using Insights Discovery as the foundation.

Diversity is fact, Inclusion is a choice:  Building an inclusive culture

New working parents: Help them Thrive, not just survive.