Signature JumpStart Programs

Give your organization a JumpStart:  Accelerate change, develop engaged & productive teams and accelerate leaders in new roles

Leader JumpStart

Are your leaders getting off on best start when they take on a new role?  Do they struggle to navigate the culture?  Miss the opportunity to engage the team up front?

Joining a team as the leader or acquiring a new team comes with challenges.  Getting off to the right start is critical for future success.  We work with leaders to give them a JumpStart in their new role.  Quickly engaging and getting to know their employees, aligning the team around critical priorities, navigating the organization culture and creating a 100 day plan to set them up for success.

Business Meeting

Team JumpStart

How well a team functions together determines their personal engagement and retention, but also productivity.  Do you have new teams forming or ones that could just use a reboot?

Our team JumpStart will boost teamwork, productivity, and engagement as team member get to know each other personally and professionally and identify strategies to work effectively together.

Business Meeting

Change Management JumpStart

Do your change initiatives struggle to get going, or if they launch do you get your ROI?  Are the changes sustainable?

We facilitate teams responsible for implementing changes in their organization.  During our Change Management JumpStart, the team will create a solid change management plan that will include analysis of the current state, review of stakeholders and their resistance points, creating an elevator speech, communication plan and all the other key elements of a robust change plan.  Let's face it, in a fast-paced world with epic change - getting employees attention on critical change initiatives is not easy.  Having a solid plan and executing that plan will make a difference!   Start your next change initiative with a solid change management that will allow you to realize your ROI.

Parent JumpStart (Coming soon)

Becoming a parent is a life chapter that can be the most exciting and rewarding experience of a lifetime.  But working during this chapter can be overwhelming and scary.

Our soon-to-be launched Parent JumpStart program will help new parents navigate this chapter feeling more confident, more engaged and ready to thrive (not just survive) during this journey.  If you are an organization that wants to engage and retain your female talent and help them be more productive during this journey or you are a new parent needing some support contact our team asap!